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Your Story Needs a Hero!

And that hero is you. This community will help you become the warrior leader you know you were meant to be. We will help you define your dreams and equip you with the knowledge, skills, and encouragement you will need to achieve them. 

Here are just a few of the life benefits this online course will give you!
All heroes have a specific way of thinking and acting. The 69 Pillars of Success course will change your life in less than 70 days. This program will teach you the mindsets and strategies the world's most successful leaders have used to take command of their lives and live their dreams. 
A hero leads. And before they can lead others, they must first learn to master themselves. This course will teach you the basic principles of how to lead and develop yourself into the hero worthy to lead others. 
Heroes use confidence to attract the love and respect of the people around them. Want to learn how? It starts with self acceptance. This course will show you how to build unbreakable confidence in less than 10 hours. 
Sun Tzu taught us that heroes who know themselves and the root of their problems would never face defeat on the battlefield. This course will show you how to gain the self knowledge and self compassion you need to live your dreams.
Business school teaches benchwarmers how to manage another person's dream. This session teaches our heroes how to transition from a warrior leader to an entrepreneur who can make a difference in the world. 
A hero who owns a business or a personal brand must master the world of social media if they want their story to be heard. This course will show you how to cut through the noise of your competitors to build deep and meaningful connections with your friends and customers. 
Every hero knows how to positively persuade the people in their adventure. Whether you are selling yourself to an employer, a love interest, or selling a product or service to a customer, knowing how to influence and persuade people positively is a skill you must master. This course will help. 
Heroes are always learning. They know that the more they learn, the more they earn from life. The 52 book challenge will help you develop the discipline to read more books much faster.  

Are You Ready to be a Hero?

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Allyssa R. - Life Coach

Toni JV - SEO Agency Owner

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Steve G. - Podcast Host & Philosopher

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If you are unsatisfied with this coaching program for any reason in the next 30 days, simply email our support team and they will issue you an immediate refund. 
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Your World Needs You!
P.S: New courses from multiple experts will continue to be added over time. Plus, this program gives you access to our private Facebook group where you can meet and ask questions of other heroes and our instructors. Our lead instructor, Bryant Chambers, is also known to schedule live coaching sessions to help our members accelerate beyond their dreams!
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